New Business Partners Wanted

New Business Partners Wanted

We are seeking new business partners with sophisticated technological capabilities in semiconductor manufacturing equipment as well as medical device.

Industrial Equipment Segment, Canon Marketing Japan Inc.

Canon Marketing Japan Inc. is involved in the sales and marketing of Canon products as well as associated services in Japan. For more than three decades, the Industrial Equipment segment has been entering into alliances with numerous overseas manufacturers of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, measurement equipment, and medical device, to provide the Japanese market with cutting-edge technologies and processes.

As of now, we have successful partnership agreements with world-class partners including:

Business partners
Camtek Ltd(Israel)外部サイトが開きます
EUV technology corporation(U.S.A.)外部サイトが開きます
GemVax&KAEL Co., Ltd.(Korea)外部サイトが開きます
Jordan Valley Semiconductors Ltd(Israel)外部サイトが開きます
Mattson Technology Inc(U.S.A.)外部サイトが開きます
Memsstar Ltd(U.K.)外部サイトが開きます
Metryx Ltd(U.K.)外部サイトが開きます
RAVE LLC(U.S.A.)外部サイトが開きます
Semilab-SDI LLC(U.S.A.)外部サイトが開きます
ZYGO Corporation(U.S.A.)外部サイトが開きます
OPTOPOL Technology S.A.(Poland)*外部サイトが開きます
Supersonic Imagine SA(France)*外部サイトが開きます
Sectra Imtech AB(Sweden)*外部サイトが開きます
  • * Medical device

With our proven performance and experience, we are now seeking new products for further market development. Why not introduce your products to the Japanese market with us?

Types of new products sought

The target market segments and the categories of products wanted are as follows:
Target segments:
Semiconductors, MEMS, LED, solar cells, OLED, medical equipment, and broadcasting equipment
Products wanted:
Device manufacturing systems, testing and measuring equipment, medical equipment, broadcasting equipment and related products

Handling of information

The details of your proposals(excluding personal information)will be viewed and examined within the Canon Group companies as necessary. We may maintain your proposals in our records. Please note that we may not be able to contact you and respond to all proposals.

Proposals that cannot be accepted

Proposals described below cannot be accepted for this project:

  1. Proposals including business-sensitive information about your company
    Please do not include in your new product proposals any business-sensitive information, including ideas, about your company that is not publically disclosed. Please note in advance that we can accept no responsibility whatsoever for maintaining confidentiality, nor can we be bound by any other restrictions concerning the information in your proposals.
  2. Proposals, questions, requests, complaints, etc. about Canon products and services
    Such proposals will not be accepted in this project.
  3. Offer of human resources
    Applications for employment of personnel and human resources of all kinds and applications for service contracts will not be accepted.
  4. Proposals for investment and joint development
    We will not accept any proposals for investment and joint development.
  5. Sale and proposals for individual parts
    Offer of a semiconductor chip, PCB, solar cells, LED, etc. as a single product will not be accepted in this new product application (excluding broadcasting equipment).


  1. Language of your proposals
    Please use either Japanese or English in proposing your new products.
  2. Copyright
    We may use or let others use the descriptions, photographs, and other details provided in your proposals.
  3. Proposal screening
    Your proposals will be examined according to our criteria to make judgment of acceptance. We are NOT able to disclose our screening criteria in advance.

Handling of personal information

You must read and agree to the following conditions.
The personal information obtained through receiving your new product proposals will be handled in compliance with the following provisions.

  1. Compliance with laws and regulations and other standards concerning the protection of personal information We comply with the laws and regulations of Japan concerning the protection of personal information, guidelines provided by the governments, and other relevant standards.
  2. Purposes of use of personal information
    The personal information that you provide to us will be used by us within the scope of conducting research and creating reports on your products.
  3. Providing personal information
    The personal information that you provide to us will NOT be provided to any third party other than the members of the Canon Group companies. This, however, excludes any case in which the submission of such information is required by laws and regulations.
  4. Security management of personal information
    The personal information that you provide to us will be protected against leakage, unauthorized alteration, and any other misuse through appropriate measures to ensure security.
  5. Disclosure, revision, and other requests concerning personal information
    If a refusal of permission to use or submit personal information or a request for revision, deletion, or other modification of personal information that you have provided with is received by the following contact personnel, we will conduct necessary investigation and appropriately and promptly revise, delete, or modify the information concerned.
  6. Contact person for enquires on personal information accompanying new product proposals and the personnel in charge of personal information for this project
    The contact for personal information provided in this new product proposal project is as follows.
  7. Note that we may not be able to assess your products if your personal information is not provided.
    [Personnel in charge of personal information]
    Manager, New Products Development Section,
    Industrial Equipment New Business Planning Division,
    Canon Marketing Japan Inc.
    FAX: +81-3-3740-3428

Where to submit your proposal

Please expressly indicate that you agree to the conditions for the handling of personal information described above and send your proposal on your product to us to the following fax number. Be sure to enter the correct fax number when you send your information to us.

Send to

New Product Development Section
Industrial Equipment New Business Planning Division
Canon Marketing Japan Inc.


Please include the following information in your application.

  1. Whether you agree to the conditions for the handling of personal information
  2. Formal name of your company
  3. Website URL
  4. Location
  5. Name
  6. E-mail address
  7. Information about your proposal product


Canon Marketing Japan Inc.

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