Canon Marketing Japan Inc.

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Canon Marketing Japan Inc.

Canon Marketing Japan has assisted international companies in the marketing of their products and services in Japan for more than 45 years. As the marketing company of Canon Inc., we have the knowledge, experience and nationwide resources to devise effective merchandising solutions for our clients. Companies large and small in both the B2C and B2B spheres, including some of the biggest names in global business, have relied on our expertise to enter the lucrative Japanese market.

Beyond CANON, Beyond JAPAN
Canon Marketing Japan: Expanding our boundaries.

Over the years Canon Marketing Japan has grown and transformed our business to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Today one of our key initiatives is importing leading-edge products from around the world. In tandem with our own IT solutions, we market these products with the intention of bringing new value to Japanese customers. We call this initiative Beyond CANON, Beyond JAPAN. There are no boundaries in our quest to introduce new innovations that exceed the expectations of the Japanese market.

New Business Promotion Dept

In collaboration with other groups at Canon Marketing Japan, We seek to enter new business domains. Under our Beyond CANON, Beyond JAPAN initiative, we are fully committed to devising innovative marketing solutions.

New Business Promotion Dept

Why Partner with Canon Marketing Japan?

  • 1 Trust and Experience In B2C and B2B, we have supported a Who's Who of global business
  • 2 Comprehensive Market Coverage We have expertise in four business domains
  • 3 Distribution Powerhouse Access to Canon's nationwide sales and distribution channels

1. Trust and ExperienceTop of page

Support for a who's who of global business in Japan

Canon Marketing Japan has partnered with numerous international companies in various capacities to develop their businesses in Japan. We also serve as the exclusive merchandizer of the Canon brand, but since we are a separately listed company, we are free to support other brands. Our deep experience and breadth of knowledge make us the top choice of many prominent companies seeking to expand their reach in the desirable Japanese market.

Robust sales network with comprehensive
consumer retail experience

obust sales network with 70+ years of consumer retail experience

Canon Marketing Japan took the lead in the sales of revolutionary products such as early calculators and word-processors as well as market-making camera and printer technologies. Our background makes us one of the strongest players in retail sales today. We trade with more than 3,000 companies in Japan and reach some 10,000 retail outlets ranging from megastores to mom-and-pop shops in every corner of the country.

Providing B2B clients access to
a wealth of merchandising resources

Providing B2B clients access to a wealth of merchandising resources

Canon Marketing Japan today partners with a growing number of companies in the B2B sphere. With 4,000 system engineers and 2,600 customer engineers, we provide comprehensive support to our clients. Our various subsidiaries specialize in specific areas of the market. Canon S&S, for instance, focuses on SMB enterprises, providing IT solutions as well as conventional business equipment.

Experience supporting market
leading businesses

In the 1980s, Apple, IBM, Hewlett-Packard and other technology companies partnered with Canon Marketing Japan to merchandize their products in the Japanese market. We were the top-ranked distributor for each of these brands and provided ongoing support for their business growth in Japan. The legacy of our support continues as many brands we distributed hold a strong market position today.

Expertise in advanced technologies and
innovative products

Canon Marketing Japan is always seeking to enter new fields of business and raise the level of sales support we provide to our clients. Equally committed to serving B2C and B2B clients, we handle everything from the products of flash-drive maker SanDisk to large-scale industrial machinery.

2. Comprehensive Market CoverageTop of page

Sales and distribution expertise in four business domains

Canon Marketing Japan operates in four broad business domains: Business Solutions, Imaging Systems, IT Solutions, and Industrial/Medical Equipment. With our specialized businesses and more than 18,000 employees nationwide, we have the knowledge and resources to bring new products and leading-edge technologies to market, support our clients in handling regulatory issues, and devise an effective distribution and marketing solution for each client.

Business Solutions

From basic office equipment to advanced technologies for raising productivity, we handle a wide range of products and services for businesses of all sizes.

IT Solutions

For software and IT service vendors, we assist in the groundwork necessary to get your business launched and provide ongoing support for operations and customer service.

Imaging Systems

We support the marketing and sales of both professional- and consumer-use products and services for the capture, distribution and output of images.

Industrial / Medical

Many years of experience in the areas of semiconductor and medical equipment enable us to handle even the most advanced systems for industry and healthcare.

3. Distribution PowerhouseTop of page

Access to Canon's nationwide sales and distribution channels

For nearly five decades, we have refined our sales, marketing and distribution infrastructure to cover an ever-expanding range of products. Today our system is a model of efficiency built for flexibility in the intricate Japanese market. Companies that partner with us can expect seamless operation for new product launches, expansion of distribution, after-sales service and much more.

Specialized protocol for new product launches

Specialized protocol for new product launches

Canon Marketing Japan has a long track record of successful product launches in Japan. Our system is adaptable to various types of products, shifting market trends, changes in the competitive environment, and individual client requirements. Talk to us about your timeline and goals. We work closely with our clients to structure each product launch.

Nationwide logistics centers

Nationwide logistics centers

With logistics centers in Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Nagoya, Osaka, Sapporo, Sendai, and Tokyo, we can ensure prompt delivery of products nationwide. Moreover, we have a strong network of alliances that extends our reach. Our systems for inventory control and distribution are flexible and highly efficient.

Branch offices, call centers & service depots

Branch offices, call centers & service depots

Our call centers can accept millions of inquires per year. More than that, through hundreds of offices and service depots nationwide, we offer after-sales service for a wide range of both B2B and B2C products. We are committed to comprehensively understanding each product we sell. This enables us to provide total support that wins customers and keeps them satisfied.

State-of-the-art data center

State-of-the-art data center

Through our data center near Tokyo our clients can manage electronic distribution of software and conduct IT services. The advanced security of this state-of-the-art facility is rated for mission-critical service. Our highly stable, fault-tolerant system offers variable scalability and can be adapted to the newest IT systems and instruments.

Steps to Partnering with Canon Marketing Japan

Fast-track procedures from inquiry to launch

Inquiry & negotiations 1.Contracts / Non-Disclosure Agreement 2.Market research & legal checks 3.Strategic / logistical planning Launch