Canon Marketing Japan Inc. Investor Relations

Segment Information after FY2018

The following is the past results and the projection of disclosure segments after FY2018.
The Canon Marketing Japan Group changed disclosure segments at the beginning of FY2018. Please refer to the "Segment Information before FY2017" for the past results before 2017.

Millions of yen

2018 2019 (Projection)
Consumers Net sales 150,245 133,700
Operating income 7,340 6,900
% of sales 4.9% 5.2%
Enterprise Net sales 188,168 196,200
Operating income 8,724 9,900
% of sales 4.6% 5.0%
Area Net sales 257,569 267,400
Operating income 12,078 13,600
% of sales 4.7% 5.1%
Professional Net sales 46,426 45,100
Operating income 851 1,200
% of sales 1.8% 2.7%
Other Net sales (20,816) (19,400)
Operating income (53) (600)
% of sales
Total Net sales 621,591 623,000
Operating income 28,941 31,000
% of sales 4.7% 5.0%
  • *Starting from the third quarter of 2018, the Company changed the reportable segment of Canon BizAttenda Inc., which was included in the "Enterprise" segment, to the "Other" segment. The results for the first quarter and second quarter of 2018 have been reclassified accordingly.
  • *Starting from the first quarter of 2019, the Company transferred "Visual Solutions," which was a subsegment of the "Professional" segment, to the "Enterprise" and "Area" segments. In addition, the amount of intersegment transactions changed because the Company transferred the development and planning functions for security products, which were mainly performed by Canon IT Solutions Inc., to Canon Marketing Japan.