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June 12, 2014
Canon Marketing Japan Inc.
Canon IT Solutions Inc.

Canon IT Solutions Inc., a Group Company of Canon Marketing Japan Inc., Acquires Shares in A&A, the Exclusive Distributor in Japan of 3D CAD Vectorworks.

Canon IT Solutions Inc. (President: Kazunori Asada; hereinafter “Canon IT Solutions”), a Group company of Canon Marketing Japan Inc. (President: Masami Kawasaki; hereinafter “Canon Marketing Japan”), has concluded a share transfer agreement with the shareholders of A&A Co., Ltd. (President: Kazuko Uchida; hereinafter “A&A”) to acquire all the shares in A&A.

Background for and purpose of the share transfer

Canon IT Solutions has been promoting a machinery 3D CAD business in the field of engineering solutions.

To enhance its architectural CAD business in addition to its machinery CAD business, A&A is going to become a member of the Canon Marketing Japan Group. A&A localizes Vectorworks, architectural 3D CAD software developed by Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc. of the United States, and sells localized software in Japan. For 30 years A&A has helped Vectorworks establish its position as a de facto standard in the market of 3D CAD software mainly in the fields of architecture and design.

With A&A becoming a member of the Group, the Canon Marketing Japan Group will be able to provide solutions using not only CAD in manufacturing, but also 3D CAD in architecture and design.

The Canon Marketing Japan Group will continue to boldly promote its 3D business in a range of industries and fields, making the most of its lineup of high-quality 3D products and services, including MREAL, an MR (mixed reality) system, and 3D printers, as well as its diverse sales channels.


Overview of A&A

  1. Company name
     A&A Co., Ltd.
  2. Location
     2-3-15 Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
  3. Established
     June 1984
  4. Capital
     20 million yen
  5. Directors
     President  Eiichi Kawase
     Director   Takashi Yokota
     Director   Yoshio Miyano
     Director   Tomoki Narabayashi
     Director   Shigeru Yoshikawa
  6. Number of employees
    52 (as of May 2014)
  7. Business
     Localization and domestic sales of Vectorworks, 3D CAD software developed by Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc. of the United States
  8. Shareholder
     Canon IT Solutions (100%)