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On our website (canon.jp), I acquire the homepage use situation (including the access information of our website and our group companies related site) of the visitor using a cookie※ 1 and the technique called the web beacon※ 2. Each information that I acquired by these techniques is not a thing distinguishing the specific visitor individual who is of the visitor [information to distinguish a browser].

Collection of your access information on this website

Collection of access information using cookies and web beacons

This website (canon.jp) collects information on your usage of the website (including information on accesses to this website and related sites operated by Canon Group companies) using cookie*1 and web beacon*2 technology. The information collected with this technology identifies just your browser and cannot be used to identify individual users.

  1. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer (or mobile phone, tablet, or other device) when you visit a website to identify your browser. Canon Marketing Japan Inc. uses cookie technology to remember you and make our site more convenient to use and browse on subsequent visits.
  2. Web beacons work in conjunction with cookies to collect access information from your browser. Canon Marketing Japan Inc. uses web beacon technology to determine whether you have visited this website before, the number of previous visits, and your browsing history on website.

Purpose of using access information

Canon Marketing Japan Inc. will not utilize your access information for this website beyond the following purposes:

Canon Marketing Japan Inc. will not use content or other information you view on this website or related sites operated by Canon Group companies as access information to identify individuals, except in the following case:

If you would prefer not to have information about your browser collected, you can change your browser preferences to block cookies sent from this website. Be aware that blocking cookies may result in some Canon website services not functioning correctly.

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Canon Marketing Japan Inc. is committed to ensuring your security when you provide personal information to us by means of this website. Canon Marketing Japan Inc. encrypts your personal information with SSL, or applies other security technologies based on SSL encryption, to safeguard against unauthorized third-party access to your personal information during communications.

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