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Financial Highlights

Results for 2Q of FY2023 (from April 1 to June 30, 2023)

During the period from April to June of the fiscal year under review, the Japanese economy continued to show signs of a moderate recovery. Consumer spending was on moderate recovery track, reflecting increasing travel and restaurant meals as a result of changes in basic policies for addressing COVID-19 infections and a recovery in inbound tourism consumption. Corporate capital expenditure was robust as a result of the normalization of economic activity. In particular, appetite for IT investment in manufacturing and financial businesses and a wide range of other sectors was high and remained strong.

Under such economic conditions, the Canon Marketing Japan Group recorded net sales of 302,778 million yen (up 4.5% year on year), primarily attributable to rises in sales from SI services and IT infrastructure services against the backdrop of active corporate IT investment, recovery in the supply of multi-functional printers (MFP) for offices, and buoyant sales of the new camera with interchangeable lenses.
In terms of profit, operating income decreased 2.7% year on year, to 27,091 million yen, ordinary income fell 2.0%, to 27,857 million yen year on year, and net income attributable to owners of parent declined 3.7% year on year, to 18,661 million yen, reflecting higher advertising expenses, IT expenses and other SG&A expenses, which offset the rise in gross profit associated with higher sales.

Full-year projections for the fiscal year ending December 31,2023

The Group has revised its FY2023 projections for operating income, ordinary income, and net income attributable to owners of parent, taking into consideration the results for the first six months, and given the strong performance of high value added IT solutions in the Enterprise Segment and Area Segment.

Net sales 624.0 billion yen (up 6.1% year on year)
Operating Income 52.0 billion yen (up 4.1% year on year)
Ordinary Income 53.4 billion yen (up 4.7% year on year)
Net income attributable to owners of parent 36.0 billion yen (up 1.3% year on year)

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