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Financial Highlights

Results for 1Q of FY2022 (from January 1 to March 31, 2022)

During the period from January to March, the Japanese economy continued to show signs of picking up, despite weakness in some industries attributable to the ongoing impact of COVID-19. Consumer spending remains sluggish, particularly in the travel and restaurant industries due to the spread of new variants of COVID-19. Corporate capital spending indicated signs of recovery, partly reflecting improvements in overseas economies, among other factors. In particular, appetite for IT investment in manufacturing and financial businesses is high and remains strong. Meanwhile, some companies are showing weakness due to supply constraints such as semiconductor shortages and disruptions in supply chains, as well as the increase of raw material prices attributable to the affairs of Ukraine, among other factors.

In these situations, the Group recorded net sales of 147,419 million yen (up 5.0% year on year), reflecting rises in sales from SI services and security-related products and services against the backdrop of active corporate IT investment, and higher sales of semiconductor manufacturing-related equipment in particular on the back of aggressive investment by domestic semiconductor manufacturers.
Looking at profit, operating income was 14,796 million yen (up 39.8% year on year), ordinary income was 14,680 million yen (up 34.6% year on year), and net income attributable to owners of parent was 10,035 million yen (up 25.6% year on year), mainly reflecting an increase in the weighting of high value-added products and services, particularly in the IT Solutions business of the Enterprise segment.

Full-year forecasts for the fiscal year ending December 31,2022

The Group has revised its financial results forecasts for FY2022, taking into consideration a number of factors including the solid sales of digital interchangeable lens cameras and inkjet printers with high unit prices in the Consumers segment, the strong performance of SI projects for manufacturing companies in the Enterprise segment, and an increase in the weighting of high-value added products and services mainly in the IT Solutions business in the Enterprise segment and Area segments.

Net sales 583.0 billion yen (up 5.6% year on year)
Operating Income 41.5 billion yen (up 4.5% year on year)
Ordinary Income 43.0 billion yen (up 4.6% year on year)
Net income attributable to owners of parent 29.5 billion yen (up 0.3% year on year)

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