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Financial Highlights

Results for 3Q of FY2021 (from January 1 to September 30, 2021)

During the period from January to September, the Japanese economy continued to face a challenging situation due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Consumer spending remained sluggish, particularly in the travel and restaurant industries, mainly due to the impact of voluntary restraint on outings in response to the renewed state of emergency and focused measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Corporate capital spending indicated signs of recovery, partly reflecting improvements in overseas economies, among other factors. In particular, appetite for IT investment in financial and manufacturing businesses is high and remains strong. Regarding corporate production activities, some manufacturing sectors appear weak due to supply constraints caused by the semiconductor shortage.

In this economic environment, the Group expanded sales, driven by growth linked to the improving market for digital interchangeable lens cameras and the expansion of SI services and data center sales on the back of aggressive corporate IT investing. As a result, net sales increased 1.3% year on year, to 398,195 million yen.
On the profit side, operating income increased 30.8% year on year, to 26,661 million yen, while ordinary income rose 27,860 million yen, to 15.5% year on year, mainly reflecting a rise in gross profit associated with higher sales. Profit attributable to owners of parent came to 20,274 million yen (up 41.2% year on year).

Full-year projections for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2021

The Group has revised its financial results projection for FY2021 due to supply shortages of products, mainly office MFP. Meanwhile, operating income and ordinary income will remain unchanged from the previously announced figures due to efforts to improve the gross margin by increasing the sales composition of high value-added products and services and to reduce selling, general and administrative expenses. In addition, net income attributable to owners of parent has been revised due to the sale of investment securities.

Net Income 558.0 billion yen (up 2.4% year on year)
Operating Income 35.0 billion yen (up 11.8% year on year)
Ordinary Income 35.8 billion yen (up 1.6% year on year)
Net income attributable to owners of parent 25.5 billion yen (up 15.9% year on year)

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