Canon Marketing Japan Inc. Investor RelationsIR Policy

Fundamental stance on IR activities

Canon Marketing Japan Inc. actively works toward to disclose IR information on a timely basis. Also we listen sincerely to the voices of the investors and these voices are reflected in the activities of our IR.

Criteria for information disclosure

The corporate information classified as important information requiring disclosure is as follows:

  1. Information that is required to be disclosed by the timely disclosure rules determined by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  2. Corporate information that we decide to disclose voluntarily because it may be considered to have a potential influence on investors' investment decisions, even though disclosure of that information is not required by statute or the timely disclosure rules.

Method of information disclosure

When disclosing material corporate information under the rules on timely disclosure, Canon Marketing Japan discloses such information through the Tokyo Stock Exchange's timely disclosure network (TDnet). With regard to other information, Canon Marketing Japan utilizes the most appropriate methods for disclosure depending on the content of the information. Such disclosure methods include news releases and public announcements, as well as briefing sessions and presentations, and publication in printed materials. As a general rule, any such disclosed information also appears in this website, ensuring fair and prompt disclosure of relevant information.

Forward Looking Statements

Information disclosed by the company sometimes includes statements regarding our future outlook. There are the various kinds of risks, uncertainty in this information.

Quiet Period

The company has a quiet period which extends from the day after a business period ends to the day of the announcement of full year, interim or quarterly financial results. During this period we refrain from IR activities in order to avoid leaks of information that might affect the share price while financial statements are being prepared. Please understand that the company cannot comment on business performance or respond to related questions during this period.