Canon Marketing Japan Inc. Investor Relations

Message from Top Management

Dear Shareholders and Investors,

President : Masachika Adachi

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to you for your continued support.

We work to continuously enhance corporate value, while helping achieve a sustainable society in which all people can live in harmony, work together and live happier lives for many years to come under the Canon Group’s corporate philosophy of kyosei (coexistence).

We pursue our vision of “professional corporate group that solves social and customer issues using ICT and the power of humans” under the Long-Term Management Objectives 2021-2025, and the basic strategies of “Sustainably increase corporate value by solving social issues through business,” “Become a high-profit corporate group” and “Create a virtuous circle by improving management capital.” Our strengths are the imaging technology that Canon has developed over many years as an optical equipment manufacturer, our own IT, including cutting-edge system development capabilities and mathematical technologies, and a strong, wide-ranging customer base, including small and medium-sized enterprises and major companies. We will support our customers in their digital transformation (DX) through high-added value solutions based on these strengths.

We respectfully ask for the continued support and guidance from our shareholders and investors as we pursue these initiatives.

President:Masachika Adachi

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