Notice Regarding the Difference of Individual Financial Results
as Compared to Actual Results for the Previous Year

January 26, 2022

Canon Marketing Japan Inc.
TSE Code: 8060
Tokyo Stock Exchange (First Section)

Parent Company: Canon Inc.
TSE Code: 7751
Tokyo (First section) and other Stock Exchanges

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Canon Marketing Japan Inc. hereby announces that there is a difference regarding the individual financial results for the year ended December 2021 as compared to the actual results for the previous year.

1. Individual Financial Results
(January 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021)

Net sales Ordinary income Net income Earning Per Share
Actual results for
the previous year (A)
¥412,800 million ¥25,723 million ¥17,641 million ¥136.05
Results for this announcement (B) ¥415,654 million ¥32,385 million ¥26,068 million ¥201.03
Change (B-A) ¥2,854 million ¥6,662 million ¥8,426 million -
Change (%) 0.7 25.9 47.8 -

2. Reasons for the difference

As for the individual financial results, net income increased significantly due to increase in gross profit by increase in sales, reduction of sales management costs and gain on sales of investments in securities, etc.